You Should Focus On Your Strengths

If you are looking to advance your career, the most important thing you can do is identify and leverage your strengths within the workplace. Here are 3 simple, yet effective ways to identify your career forte today.

  1. Recognize the work activities that bring you the most satisfaction. Examples include leading a team meeting, finding the root cause of a problem or creating a training program for new hires.

  2. Think about the last few times you received a compliment from your manager or your colleagues. Those encounters will certainly assist you in identifying some of your key strengths.

  3. Take a strengths assessment to narrow down your top innate abilities.

Once you have the clarity you need, use these strengths to consistently drive results within the organization. Not only will you maximize your time and effort, but you will set yourself up for the right career opportunities that will lead to long-term success.

Remember, you are the CEO of your life. Get ready to Create, Enhance and Own your success!

Your CEO Coach,


Jalyn Isley is a motivational speaker and success coach. In 2015, Jalyn founded her own coaching service, The CEO Method, to help more people develop their inner CEOs and turn their goals into realities. Ready to take your 2017 to the next level? Sign up today for a FREE coaching consultation that will give you the jump start you need to become the CEO of your life!

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