Check Out My New Balls!

Up until recently my balls looked like this:

Look at them…all bright and colorful – squishy too! Ready to just be tossed around at the whim and fancy of others. But a few months ago I started reading the book A Conversation with God and it reminded me of the power that lied within me to create my own destiny. So I began to speak affirmations everyday. I would say the following seven times a day:

  1. I Am Love

  2. I Am Confident

  3. I Am Creative

  4. I Am Courageous

  5. I Am Prosperous

  6. I Receive $—— In My Next Role

At one point in my career I definitely felt I wasn’t being fairly compensated given my education, experience and contributions to the company. I had been feeling like that for a long time…but if you scroll up, you can see the type of balls I was carrying around and therefore understand why I kept my mouth shut. But once I began to speak my affirmations, my balls morphed from cute and cuddly into the ones you see below:

Shortly after this transformation, my boss recommended me for another role in the company. I was so ecstatic but I didn’t want to keep working for what I considered to be peanuts. It was the best time to ask for the raise I duly deserved! I was essentially making a lateral move so asking for a double digit raise was risky. Nevertheless, I had ranted and raved about how much I deserved the raise to my girlfriends, husband, aunts – anyone who would listen. So it was do or die time for me.

It took me a few days to muster up the courage. I remember saying to myself, “Jalyn, you’ve done all this affirming and you claim to have faith in what you believe so stop worrying. The worst they can say is no. And if they do, politely give them the finger and start affirming a new job into your life, lol.” So I asked for my double digit raise and damn straight I got it! Aside from tripping off the last step in the stairwell, I strutted out of the headquarters building like the top model I was born to be.

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