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Everyone wants to achieve success in their careers and personal lives.  Unfortunately, the pursuit of that success can leave you feeling stressed out, unfulfilled and completely lost.   But you truly can experience the life you deserve, which can include an amazing career, total wellness, financial freedom and meaningful relationships.  I am here to help you do just that.  

We all have a specific purpose to accomplish in this world and we find the fulfillment we desire when we fervently pursue it. 

Learn nine transformational keys that will unleash your inner power to achieve purpose and enjoy your life.  Click here to receive your personal copy of my new book, The Fruit of Your Spirit!

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Arlene Blake

Women on the Move - Founder

Last year, I came to a point where I absolutely did not like my job an had no idea what my next career move was going to be. I was stressed to the point of tears and it began to affect my overall health. After receiving encouragement of a friend, I contacted Jalyn about her coaching. I had heard that Jalyn within a short period of time had made significant strides in her own career, and so I felt that she had the know how to coach me.

With Jalyn as my new coach she had me take different assessment tests to identify what my strengths and weakness were and to assist me in identifying what career choices would be best and it all revolved around helping others and creating social events. I mentioned to Jalyn that for years I had this idea of organizing a Women’s Expo and had even begun to plan it but eventually shelved the idea as other demands in my life began to take precedent. As a result, she gave me the task to put the idea back into play and to go full throttle with the idea for the 1st Women on the Move Empowerment Expo and to create my organization, Women on the Move Orlando. She kept me on a structured timeline to get everything accomplished and as a result I was able to put together some very successful events over the past year, left my full time job of which was no longer fulfilling to me, and was able to start my non-profit which gives my life significant purpose.


Thanks Jalyn, for helping me to become the CEO of my life.

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