How to Work with People You Don’t Like

When anyone asks me what I like about working at Frito Lay, I always tell them it’s my team. Luckily for me, the statement is actually true. But I haven’t been able to say that throughout my entire career. I, like many people, have experienced misunderstandings, issues and conflicts at work. In addition to being extremely stressful during the workday, they can impact personal lives and future career decisions. When I found myself in those situations, I had to remember that I was the only person responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions. The only way to work with someone you don’t like is to change your own mindset and behaviors. The moment I stopped blaming someone else, I was ab

Mo’ Money…No Problems

Let me the set the scene for you. It was 2008. I had just graduated from Cornell University, moved to New York City and started my new career as a Human Capital Analyst with Lehman Brothers. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and I was a 21 year old woman ready to take over the world. Sure there were a few pesky rumors of LB’s demise…but it didn’t seem prudent to concern myself with such nonsense. It was Lehman Brothers. The company was too big to fail. That all changed within a month. As they say, things went awry. Horribly awry. The layoffs seemed endless and my dream job with my dream company became a dream case study for business schools. I watched hundreds of people walk o

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